Wednesday, September 21, 2011

to each their own

The one thing I remember from the first design class I took is that taste is individual, there is no right or wrong. While on the one hand I fully agree, I'm not a huge fan of of overly ornate Louis style furniture, I can still appreciate it for what it is. I'm not a fan of earth tones but I can appreciate them in someone else's house.

That being said, there is nothing worse to me than builder basic boring. I like to pick up a free home magazine from the local grocery store ( This season's issue features the home of Kris and Amanda Wagorn of Luxart Homes ( Again, while I can appreciate the architecture and finishes the house is so bland and lacking in any individuality, unless of course you consider "we bought out the entire Leon's showroom" as stylish.

While I'm at it, are we not over the everything must be "espresso" trend? I get that brown and taupe is warm and earthy but in this case it's also incredibly boring. I imagine that beige people live in beige houses.

Then again, as I said before, to each their own and me, I would much rather live in this:




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  1. I checked it out and yes I'd have to say that it's pretty boring. And beige. I can appreciate neutrals, but as a backdrop not the whole look. I have not made any progress on my chest redo project. Sigh. Oh well, some day.