Thursday, September 5, 2013

fresh start...

Well, after feeling uninspired for the better part of a year i'm beginning to feel vibrant again. Here's a small project before and after of my IKEA "Rast" re-do.

the beginning

lamp re-sprayed


There are still a few things to change, like swapping out the green for navy perhaps... 

I am really digging this duvet cover from Urban Outffiters:$beauty$


Yellow spray paint on lamp - "sun yellow" Rust-oleum 
Grey paint on outside of dresser "Gray" by Benjamin Moore
White paint on drawers - glossy white interior paint Martha Stewart
Hardware - Lee Valley Tools

Sunday, February 26, 2012

in answer to

In answer to the design question on

This is what i would do.

leave the wood alone and paint the walls with a dark moody colour - i like this deep inky blue.



love the rug and the blue and orange

Choose a more modern rug, something with a more geometric print like the blue and white above or this circular pattern

ooh i love!

I think I would choose a neutral sisal stair runner rather than try to match/compete with the rug.

I would change the light fixture to something more dramatic, either an oversized coach lantern similar to:

or go for a more contrasting vibe with something like:

love the drama

The fireplace is tricky, but I think replacing the tiles with a lighter marble is your best bet.

In the alcove by the stairs I would choose a vintage dresser, desk or buffet to display some of your collection and fit the space better, something like:

orange desk!

love the colors, might be a fun entryway

I would also lighten up your existing furniture by recovering in white or off white or purchase some new upholstered pieces.

And finally add some colour with pillows, and even a fun ottoman.

ooh and in orange - double LOVE!

ottoman, and colours

all images via Pinterest

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, Monday da da, da da da da...

i seem to be consistently pinning two themes as of late - cushy upholstered headboards and black rooms. the first will be much easier to fulfill in reality the second, not sure i can pull it off in such an open concept house. i would love to do the dining room black but it is so open to the living room, if it was just a little more closed off i would put more consideration into it.

i thought about the bedroom too but i'm pretty much set on indigo with orange accents and a bed something like one of the below:


bedroom, tufted headboard, white interiors

ooh, the bed


all above images via Pinterest

Actually, Sears has a couple of really great affordable options:

last 3 images