Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, Monday da da, da da da da...

i seem to be consistently pinning two themes as of late - cushy upholstered headboards and black rooms. the first will be much easier to fulfill in reality the second, not sure i can pull it off in such an open concept house. i would love to do the dining room black but it is so open to the living room, if it was just a little more closed off i would put more consideration into it.

i thought about the bedroom too but i'm pretty much set on indigo with orange accents and a bed something like one of the below:


bedroom, tufted headboard, white interiors

ooh, the bed


all above images via Pinterest

Actually, Sears has a couple of really great affordable options:

last 3 images

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  1. The second photo is taken in Van. I can tell by the view out the window.
    Love the headboards. I looked at Sears and they do have some affordable options. Actually EQ3 has a few in the $300 range. My biggest consideration is colour - I need something that comes in white.