Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the thing about indigo

I know people, particularly of my parents generation that would have been satisfied to decorate their house once and only once. Yes, they would have paid good money for it and therefore why would you change it?

Me, I am definitely restless when it comes to decorating. Even if everything has come together perfectly and I'm satisfied with the end result, it only takes one magazine article or decorating show to make me want to start changing things up.

The Chatelaine bedroom makeover has only upped my interest the indigo blue trend right now. Indigo is moody and crisp all at once especially when paired with white.

freckles chic: Home - Z Gallerie - Labyrinth Pillow - Indigo 20 - black, white, graphic, greek key pattern


(veneerdesigns.com - LOVE this blog)

So, what can I repaint, recover, redo for next to no money and hop on the indigo bandwagon...

1 comment:

  1. Like the indigo but not sure it works in the Vancouver light. Am waiting with anticipation to redo my bedroom. Looking for a light pink/blush paint - not too girlish, but a bit sophisticated.
    I have some samples, but nothing really speaking to me yet. Any suggestions?