Tuesday, July 19, 2011

soon you're 33 and everything you tried to be...

having been built in 1987, our house is not grand. it does not have great architectural details or high ceilings. what it does have however is a great open floor plan, a family room off the kitchen and a skylight above stairwell that provides a generous amount of natural light.

we've been in the house for 3 years and i've always debated on what to do in the stairwell. art is not my strong suit, i see things i like but either i don't like it enough to spend money on or i do really like it and it's completely out of my budget. i sometimes try to paint my own but even painting "abstracts" is harder than i would have thought. who knew, art requires actual talent?!

so, finally decided it would be the perfect place to put a "gallery wall". i went to IKEA and bought some black picture frames and dug out some wedding photos, a picture from my Grandmother's wedding and some black and white shots of the Burrard and Lion's Gate bridges in Vancouver I picked up on my recent vacation and got started.

this is just the beginning, and i have a long way to go but i think it will look great. i've already got some more ready to hang.

i've decided that my only criteria will be that the frame is black but do intend to mix black and white and colour photos and or prints and various frame sizes.

here are some in the beginning shots.

an added bonus to this project is that it's been fun going through all of our photos, something i haven't done in a while.

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