Friday, July 22, 2011

impulsive much?

I have a shopping addiction. I like stuff. I like to buy stuff. I can justify ANYTHING! Like today the GAP was having a 40% off sale so that meant I had to buy some clothes. I am also fairly impulsive and often end up making regret fueled returns (like I will be returning 2 pairs of pants and shoes that I bought today - I won't tell you what i'm still keeping!).

Of course, not everything I buy is impulsive. I've been searching for a cheap console table for behind the couch in the living room. I didn't want something wood as it would be competing with the pine harvest table and teak sideboard in the dining room. Wicker is little too...wicker so I'm left with glass as an option.

The other (more important) criteria is that it has to be CHEAP.

I found this online for $25. I will admit that the brass is a tad scary but I intend to spray it. Other than that the proportions are perfect. So hopefully all goes well and this will become mine tomorrow.

This is the photo from the Kijiji ad. I for once cannot be blamed for the bad photography.

Now, what do I spray it with? I don't want it to be white or black or brown or a colour. ideally if i could find something that would make it resemble tarnished brass/rubbed bronze? maybe pewter? At least this is a fun decision to make.

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  1. Good luck with the spraying. They have some pretty cool finishes now. I used a silver/pewter hammered look spray on the mirror frame in my dining room.