Sunday, May 1, 2011

your brother's in the basement doing hot knives

going to see The Rural Alberta Advantage (RAA) tonight. i took tomorrow off so it should be a fun night!

great weekend, beautiful weather, finally able to spend some time outside. even got a little homework done which is good because my exam is in two weeks. ick!

ok, here is the complete before to after of my junk shop find.

I really do need to take better pics but it's just so convenient to do it with the iPhone...

well, time to coat the ribs in bbq sauce again. mmmm ribs....

1 comment:

  1. Lol. Hadn't thought of hot knives in years. God knows what crap I sucked into my lungs doing that.
    Interesting to see the evolution. I like the final result. I did not get to start my project even though the weather was nice. But I did accomplish a lot. Took some old gold in and sold it ($190). Picked out new glasses which I had been putting off thinking I would get the surgery. But my old ones are a disgrace so I finally gave in. Started painting the kitchen. I used the same colour as the bathroom. Mostly with the view to staging it for selling. Am supposed to meet Al this week to talk about what to do next.