Tuesday, April 26, 2011

so long my friends

no not in a macabre mood, it's pretty much the only line i can make out of the new Strokes song.

had a fabulous Easter weekend. weather couldn't have been better and the kids had a blast discovering new toys and just being outside.

i love the country, i mean where else can your kid play in a pile of logs and make his own beaver dam?

so awesome.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Glad you had a good time. Friday and Saturday were nice here, as you saw from the pics. But Sunday and Monday were rainy. I walked around in the rain a lot. Holidays are hard. Especially after the double whammy bad news last week. And then the Canucks had to loose that close game. Not that I really care that much but it would just be nice to have something positive happen. I did resist buying the $300 bag though. :)
    I will probably be home in early June for a visit because I can tie it to a work trip. Mostly to see Mom.