Monday, May 2, 2011

follow the northstar, leading you back into my heart

you know when you go to a show and they play everything you want them to play and it's energetic and the crowd is alive? that was last nights show. it was fantastic Rural Alberta Advantage rock live. (even if Jay says they have one too many keyboards).

small venue was fantastic. great show.

there was a weird mix of frat boys, hipsters and my favourite - the chick with a giant tattoo on her calf of a woman in a tree pose. really, you like yoga so much you want a giant tree pose on your calf.

also, a random dude (total frat boy who also resembled Jonah Hill) bought me a beer because they wanted to stand in front of us. smooth.

oh and of course we found out about Osama at the show (via Twitter - how of the moment). and then we had to stay up and watch CNN.

off today, will try and do some homework...

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