Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm a spool of thread

after a week spent cramming and handing in last minute assignments (just 2 out of 9 to go!) Susan and I took a road trip to Hudson Quebec to check out Finnegan's Antique/Flea market.

Hudson is about 1.5 hours to get to and is situated on the Ottawa River making for a beautiful landscape yet extremely narrow roads!

And, it was pure real estate porn! check out MLS for some visuals if you must.

Finnegan's was lovely, though we arrived mid day so I'm assuming there would have been a bit more in the morning. The family that runs the market also makes reproduction old-school Quebec pine furniture. Prices were insanely decent, a kitchen island for 1095 and huge pantry cupboards for about the same. you can choose your stain and finish and they make custom peices too. I would love either a pantry or an island to add some warmth and character to an all white kitchen and mostly modern kitchen.

Totally worth the drive.

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