Saturday, February 26, 2011

we're hangin' on muscle relaxants

well, i'm finally feeling better. it's been a while. guess what i really needed was some antibiotics and a week off work.

of course, i have a hard time sitting still so:


After! (this is actually just primer, i still have to spray them glossy white once the weather is a bit warmer)

And some other fab finds:

my beautiful new teak buffet which i scored for the unbelievable price of $150!

my George Nelson clock for 12.99! these retail for like 450US! Ok, so it's essentially a George Nelson for Target but still, it is George Nelson and it was $12.99.

my new lamps scored for $5 each. i plan to spray the bottom brass portion teal or turquoise and leave the walnut alone. I'll then finish them off with simple white shades. of course, i'll post pics when i get around to doing it.

And finally, the best and yet most bittersweet mini-makeover is that of the side rail from Mags' crib. Mags graduated to her "big girl" bed last night (thanks in part to the adorable French themed, i.e. poodles and  Eiffel tower, bedding). 

Since drop side cribs are no longer allowed so I wouldn't have felt right about selling it. but, it felt like such a waste to throw the whole thing out. Then, i had a brilliant idea!

And now I have an awesome magazine rack. I may spray it a fun colour as well - we'll see. I do like it white as well.


  1. i love it all. The teak buffet is a great score. Love the clock as well. And the magazine rack is a great re-purpose.