Monday, February 21, 2011

some things are just not meant to be

well, the dude wants me to deposit money in his paypal account before he delivers the piece - I'm not comfortable with this. so, no China cabinet.

that's ok. Susan and I are planning on hitting some markets in Quebec in the spring so I should hold out until then anyway.

i think this is my favourite Sarah room ever (


  1. Sorry the china cabinet didn't work out. Been thinking of selling mine. Want it? Apparently, I'm out with all the old. My project is re-doing my "hope chest" that dad made. It was upstairs but with the wall pushed out into the living/dining divide for the reno it needs to go in the spare bedroom. So I'm planning on cutting off the decorative railing (for lack of a more correct term) and painting it gloss white and maybe installing a more modern railing. It remains to be seen if I will actually do this. Maybe once I recover from the reno.

  2. it's all cool - i think i found a solid teak credenza for $150 in Kemptville - may go check it out tomorrow. I would then put my blue one in the kitchen and sell that maple one (which was free and is really the only reason i have it).

    The "decorative railing" is actually called a "gallery" see, i did learn something in history of furniture after all!

  3. The credenza sounds great, I love teak.
    I knew there had to be a word for it! Not sure exactly how I will cut it off. I thought I would use our reciprocating saw but when I used it for the drawer mod, I found it wasn't that powerful. Still might be easier than cutting all of them by hand.
    I also plan to spray paint so need some nice weather.