Saturday, February 19, 2011

the season rubs me wrong

apparently i used to dabble in poetry:

i miss my spent youth
i miss the wasted days
the never ending summers and
eternal starry skies

fresh cut grass under the rampage of my toes
dirty fingernails
dreams still fresh and possible

not sure when i wrote it - i know i destroyed everything from high school so after that

all of the beautiful girls, the beautiful boys
in their ripped cords and their torn hearts

the dullness of life chipping away
dreams in technicolor of stardom and magazines

spent youth pissed out like last night's binge
co-dependent but don't dare say it

angst is a buzzword no longer descriptive of its meaning

this i apparently wrote in 2002 on the bus on the way home from class (must have been Organizational Behaviour)

i definitely have a theme...

1 comment:

  1. Hmm. I pretty much stopped after high school. Perhaps we could compare themes though. If I recall I did have a lot of nature imagery as well, but the angst was more, hmm, technological than celebrity. Signs of our times....