Friday, February 11, 2011

our music divides us into tribes

i'm pretty sure that my dishwasher installation would have made a half decent sit-com script today

my biggest failing is that i'm not patient, i don't like to read through instructions, i rush...

problem 1 - hole in side of cupboard is too small to fit new hose through. drill battery is dead. i chip away at the opening with a hacksaw blade.

problem number 2. the water supply hose did not fit and so trip number 1 to Home Hardware to get some kind of adapter.

problem 3. newly purchased adapter too big and so, trip number 2 to Home Hardware. Home Hardware guy says are you sure the threads are on the outside? did you bring the manual...

3.1 go home, discover that threads are indeed on inside, grab manual head back to Home Hardware for elbow joint and various other bits and peices i may or may not need.

problem 4 - no matter how tight i turn the water connections it's still leaking - read instructions again - need Teflon tape and so trip number 4 to Home Hardware. Home Hardware guy says he is going to start charging me rent, apologizes for not thinking about teflon tape.

Finally, after 2 hours of frustration a cut on my thumb from the ground wire (electrical went very smoothly otherwise) i have a wonderful working dishwasher. I've already run a load through. It is sooo quiet!

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  1. Man I missed so many posts. Kudos to you for doing that. I'm impressed. I share the frustrations though. Although I haven't tackled anything like the dishwasher on this reno I am doing stuff that normally Al would have done. Tomorrow I am going to try to do a tile backsplash. Should not be that hard. I didn't want to spend $48 on a bag of mortar when I needed about an eight of it so I went with an adhesive even though it's not really recommended for mosaic. The Home Depot guy said it should be fine for a backsplash though. The next thing is to figure out how to modify those damn Ikea drawers.