Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I don't want to know what you'll be without me

so the repair guy came on Tuesday for the dishwasher. i had suspected it was the motor and yep, suspicion confirmed. what i didn't realize is that fixing the motor would essentially cost the same as a new (base model) dishwasher.

in fact, the repair man recommended that i go and buy a new dishwasher and to stay away from Frigadaire!

so I made my first visit to Lowes. love Lowes! well as much as Home Depot and Rona anyway! I went to the appliance department and said i want the best machine for under $1000. I ended up with the Samsung and might I say it is beautiful! stainless steel inside and out with a hidden element, steam condenser (so it doesn't blow out into your kitchen), garburator etc. multi position top rack (to accommodate tall wine glasses). And, it should be super quiet.

I did spring for the 4 year warranty because i don't want to do this again.

Anyway - tonight I uninstall-ed our existing dishwasher, i'm pretty confident i can install the new one. seems pretty simple, water source, drain and electrical and the electrical doesn't seem any more complicated than changing a light fixture.

We shall see - its being delivered on Friday. I do feel rather empowered. Who needs a man?!

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