Saturday, January 22, 2011

now i can talk, now i can talk

brutal couple of days and i'm no good at being sick. i have a hard time relaxing and sitting still when there is always so much to be done.

i did completely spend Thursday on the couch and most of yesterday but i also took advantage of the kid-freeness and did some groceries.

i also picked up 4 cane back semi Louis chairs for $10!!! now they are not super quality - they were prob from Leons or the Brick but for 4 chairs for $10 Even if I spend $100 on fabric and $50 on paint you can't buy new chairs for that. I will do before and after pics when i'm ready to start.

I plan to paint them white and then find a really fun graphic colorful fabric for the seats and use them in the dining room and use the dining room chairs in the Kitchen.

I will admit that I actually watched Sex in the City 2 a few weeks back and indeed, it was a TERRIBLE movie. However, Carrie and Big's new apartment - I love love love.
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  1. Can't wait to see the before and after of the chairs. I may have to start getting handy like that. It's not the work of doing it, it's the finding of the stuff that seems difficult to me.
    Bought my sink and vanity and a wall cabinet for over the toilet at Ikea today. It's Godmorgon in black/brown and the vanity has gloss white drawer fronts. Wish it was all black/brown but that wasn't an option. I scouted couches while there. I want one with a chaise at one end. Looked at faucets at Home Depot but didn't really find anything that I like better than the one I have. I may go to a bath place but am afraid that I will end up liking a $300 one and I just can't justify it.
    Tomorrow I search out the washer and dryer.
    Ooh, love the apartment as well.