Monday, January 17, 2011

do you want it? do you want it? do you want it all?

i'm sorry, i don't care how rude he was Ricky Gervais was brilliant and frankly the only reason i actually watched the Golden Globes last night.

so we went out on Saturday night in the worst weather i've ever driven in. it wasn't even that much snow but the roads were brutal. a car spun out into my lane on the way downtown - scary.

we went to the heart and crown on preston again but the band was so terrible. they seemed to think being able to play everything from Johnny Cash to MGMT was a good thing but what it meant was they weren't very good at anything. it was awful. perhaps highlighted by the fact that on Thursday night I saw two amazingly tight bands.

my old roommate came out - since we were celebrating a mutual friend's b-day. the first words out of her mouth were so "?" is in Afghanistan. I said yep. She then tells me how she thinks us being there is wrong. Now, obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion but a) it's a pretty shitty thing to say to someone who has someone close to them over there and b) i don't actually respect her opinion at all because she knows nothing about it i don't think she's ever read a newspaper or book in her life. she thinks we should be "peacekeepers". i don't pretend to be an expert but at least i've read non-fiction about Afghanistan, Canada's foreign policy and intelligence and war in general.

i was so close to punching her. i basically just said i wasn't interested in discussing it and when probed further as to why i didn't want to discuss it i said because i'm here to have a good time.

the night went down hill from there.

actually i'm still rather annoyed by it. maybe i should have punched her - would have made for a more interesting evening.

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  1. Sorry the night out wasn't that great.
    It was clearly inappropriate for her to say something like that to you personally, regardless of what her (uniformed or not) opinions are about the mission. It's personal to you and she should have realized that.
    Not that being a public servant makes me an expert on every public policy issue, but as you say I do read both (good) newspapers and non-fiction on issues and have some direct experience. So I feel this way about a lot of things. It's not that I don't respect other people's opinions but when someone spouts some mindless sound bite from a talk show or something I just want to punch them. We need to elevate our conversations on these things. Sigh.