Wednesday, December 15, 2010

something so sick about this, my misery's so addictive

after a shaky start the week seems to be improving. i should qualify shaky as minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of life but irritating nonetheless.

Tuesday we got a bit of a snow storm which didn't even seem all that bad but it sure brought out the idiots and traffic was crawling everywhere. for most of my commute i didn't even hit the gas pedal but rather was prepared by the momentum from pressing and lifting by foot of the brake.

what normally takes me 10 minutes (or less) took me 1.5 hours!

frustrating. work is busy too and all i could think about was the absolute waste of time.

oh well. today was much better and much more productive.

getting excited for Christmas. also getting a bit sad.

Nate's first little Christmas play thingy is tomorrow.

Ok, it's been a few days so:

I am thankful for my awesome kids who make me laugh (and sometimes cry!) every day.
I am thankful that we are fortunate enough to celebrate the Santa (aka commercial) side of Christmas.
I am thankful that I know what is really important.
I am thankful for the snow that fell even if I left the house at 7:45 and didn't get to work until 11!

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  1. Hey Dana.. noticed on your fb that you had a link to your blog...
    And since I always like to know when friends find my blog - not that its anything remotely profound... its not its all drivel.. but - well.. I just thought I'd say hi!