Sunday, November 28, 2010

we used to wait for it

what a busy weekend. b-day party on Saturday and the BLG Kid's Christmas party this am.

both events went very well. kids were behaved and they had tons of fun. ok, so Maggie had a meltdown when she had to get out of the bouncy castle but she's two - what else would one expect?

I have to take tomorrow off because Mag's caregiver is sick. this is the second Monday in a row. I hate not going in on Monday's and Fridays more so than other days. I feel like I'm lying somehow even though I'm not. I feel like I should get the caregiver to call into work so they know i'm not making it up. Why on earth do I feel this way?

Last night the squirrels running around in the attic kept me up. i know i have to call someone to deal with it but i can't take anymore time off so it'll have to wait.

ok, today I am thankful that the kids and I had a good weekend. I am thankful that it's the caregiver that is sick and not Mags.

oh, and we're saving for a trip to Vegas, my trip to Van, my trip to see Jess in HK, a trip with the kids to Disney (blech!) and hardwood floors, a redo for the ensuite and a redo for the kitchen. the trip to HK prob won't happen until 2012 though. Oh, and Jay wants a gazzillion tattoos and a drum kit.


  1. Well that's a good list of things to save for. Most of them fun.

    I'm thankful I got all my errands done. Dropped off a load at the Salvation Army, took the old printer to the electronic recycling place, did some Christmas shopping, got the Christmas decorations up. I'm glad Mags is not sick too.

    I know what you mean about Fridays and Mondays. Somehow it seems more suspicious. You feel that way probably because you have a sense of commitment to your job and personal integrity. Plus good old Protestant guilt.

  2. there's a Disneyland in HK.... Just sayin' :P