Tuesday, November 30, 2010

you cannibal, you meat eater, you see

i have never come so close to chucking a water bottle at someone's head as tonight in class. there is this insanely annoying woman who is constantly clicking her flashlight on and off (it's dark in our class because the entire thing is a giant never-ending Power Point presentation) and jostling pages and asking dumb questions.

oh well...I have to try and remember that God made everyone on this earth on purpose. Obviously, the purpose for a lot of people I will never know. I wonder how many people want to throw water bottles at my head?

Had another day off with Mags. We went to the mall and I pretty much finished my Christmas shopping and we had lunch. And, wait for it...I didn't spend any money on myself! And, I didn't go overboard either.

So, today I am thankful for the day spent with Mags and her hilarious tea parties. Thankful I was able to exercise shopping self control. Thankful that I did not throw a water bottle at the woman's head. Very thankful for my mother in law who comes once a week so I can take this silly class even though I mostly complain about it and thankful for safety on the roads in this crazy rainy weather.

Time to go kiss the kids and head to bed - and that in itself is something to be thankful for!

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  1. It is the people who have no idea how to use a sidewalk who do it to me. And the people in line who have no clue and realize they must get their wallet out to pay for the coffee despite spending 5 minutes in line waiting to do just that. But like you I am trying to let these things go.

    I have had a pretty good couple of days. Not sure why really. Had an email from A that helped (fill you in later) and maybe the Christmas spirit. But I will be thankful for the good days when they come. Thankful for my friend Johanna who had me for dinner Wednesday and for my run in the rain yesterday - so much better than the treadmill. Thankful for the friend who cancelled tonight since I really wasn't up to it. Thankful I managed to cut half of the cats' nails by myself. :)