Sunday, July 11, 2010

oh the future's got me worried, such awful thoughts, my head's a carousel of pictures the spinning never stops

well, i'm in single mom mode again for the next two weeks.

we've had a good weekend despite the obvious stress level, the packing, the leaving etc.

yesterday we went to visit Jay's fam including his brother (half) Josh in Carleton Place. His Aunt has a place on the lake and Nate had a ball in the water with Jay's Uncle Gord. I'm thinking if we can hit the beach every weekend he may end up swimming by summer's end.

last night Jay's mom came over to babysit and Jay and I went to the movies. We saw Predators. I know, but it was actually pretty good. Maybe because I went in with less than stellar expectations? I liked it enough that I would see a sequel if they do one (just none of that Alien vs Predator nonsense).

Today has been rather busy, making sure Jay was good to go this am and doing some last minute house stuff (moving some furniture around) etc.

I finished our new tv stand, a sideboard i picked up online, painted, put new legs on and "retro-fitted" by drilling some holes in in the back. So now the DVD and cable box can neatly be hidden behind the doors. It's much lower than the other unit we were using so its actually at a better height for watching and I painted it a very pale blue which provides a much needed break from all the espresso brown in the room.

It does leave a lot of wall space though, i may need to figure out some art. I thought about doing wall paper behind it but that would really compete with the fireplace as focal point. Speaking of the fireplace, i found the perfect affordable starburst mirror for it at Home Depot, its substantial looking and only $70! (If you have ever priced a decent starburst mirror or clock you know that's a steal).

I think my style can now be defined as transitional with hits of mid-century mod.

Well, I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of my lazy afternoon.

Will post pics of everything when its a bit more finished, the kids toys are still everywhere!


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