Wednesday, July 14, 2010

and brick by brick and board by board

Interview day...

It didn't go badly but it wasn't great either. First question was fine, the next was so specific to BD (about which I was very clear about not having any experience) I felt like they asked it to automatically exclude me.

Then by the end they were basically trying to sell me on a different (related) position. I think I held my own but I definitely don't think they are seriously going to consider me as a candidate for the position I applied for.

And, this very well could be a blessing as I did not get a great feeling for my could have been future boss.

As for the related position, I feel like it would be a step sideways and not up and therefore not worth it.

Oh well, it was all a good experience regardless of the outcome though I'm glad its over.

my cats are currently molesting the yak's wool wallet Jess sent Nate.

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