Friday, July 9, 2010

leave the secret talks on the trundle bed

i have come to the realization that i suck a board games. all board games. my not even 4 year old son beat me at Candy Land - twice! and what's even worse is i cheated the second game and still lost. now, in an attempt to redeem myself, i cheated for him too because he drew a card that would have made the game almost start over and it was past his bedtime.

crazy week at work. it just seemed like we got more work piled on us, less responsibility and we're being micro-managed like we haven't been in ages. I know my boss is stressed. this is actually partly my fault because she's afraid she'll lose me for the National CRM Leader position I'm interviewing for next week.

i'm trying to prepare for the interview. its been a very long time since i've had an interview. i'm reviewing the details of the job, the firm's strategic plan etc. apparently i'm not supposed to ask about money unless they bring it up.

also wondering whether i should be asking about overtime, travel etc. i.e. will it be requiring those things. i mean it is important for me to know but asking could give the impression that i'm already demanding...

also my boss made a bit of a comment today - although she has nothing to do with the hiring process for this position, she is part of the project as a whole and she sort of threw in a "oh, you're on holidays at the end of August, well, i'm sure they won't really be ready to move forward until Sept anyway" it could have been innocuous but it kind of felt like a barb.

but, despite what this job might offer, i can't let it take priority over my family. career is and has always been important to me but family is more important. sometimes i wish i could have it all. some sort of fantastic well paying job that i only had to do part time or from home so i could spend more time with the kids.

anyway, i'm really getting ahead of myself, i haven't even had the interview yet!


  1. I think that's why I don't really like board games - because I suck. Personally I don't usually ask about overtime, travel, etc until they offer me the job. Although sometimes you can get a sense of these things if they talk about the key expectations or the key skills they are looking for.
    My interview is only 20 minutes which makes me think it will be less formal than a typical public service interview. Usually they schedule an hour and you often get the questions (5 or 6) for a short time beforehand to prepare your answers. Anyway they'll have to ask something that assesses the criteria in the job ad so I still have to prepare.
    Good luck.