Sunday, June 27, 2010

that trailer trash pedigree is calling

Its Sunday evening and my week of vacation is over. It has been a good but crazy busy week a and in some ways, the vacation will start when I'm back at work tomorrow.

I've enjoyed the extra time with the kids for sure but wow they wear me out! I'm pretty sure Jay is also sort of looking forward to going back tomorrow.

On Thursday we took Maggie to daycare and spent the day with Nate. We took him to see his first movie - Toy Story 3 (kids love Toy Story). He was actually very good and more or less sat still and quiet the entire time though he was getting a bit antsy at the end. When the credits started to roll he bolted. Then had a melt down and we had to pick him up off the floor and carry him out screaming and trying to choke and/or bite me.

So embarrassing! Luckily there were very few people there and most were parents of small children as well. I would have felt better if one of their kids was also having some sort of meltdown.

Went to church today. Was a struggle to get the kids out the door as usual and they were cranky and out of sorts for the rest of the day because of the screwed up naps but its just a temporary inconvenience...I hope!

Also got news about work. I had applied for a National Database Leader position at work about a month ago. I have an interview on July 14th. I'm surprised but in a good way. If I get it, it would mean a new department and a new boss even though I would still be at the firm. Will have to pray about it. I'm kind of in a comfort zone right now that could be hard to let go of. Anyway, we have to get past the interview first and I have no idea how many applicants there are.

Well, in between our various activities I also managed to re-stain the coffee table I picked up at a yard sale and paint a small table for our entry which I forgot to take an after pic of but here's the coffee table before and afters also, note all of the lovely pillows I've sewn (not the brown and white ones, those were store bought). I am now repainting our buffet. The room is finally really coming together - for the second time but this change is more permanent.

It's solid oak and was that yellowish "oak" colour (and in terrible shape), now it's "walnut"! I'll have to work on my table-top arrangement but for now I'm just working with stuff I've got.

Pillows! I still need to do a few more in turquoise and maybe hunt down some striped or patterned fabric that's not floral but its a start.

Ok and with that I should be getting to bed because 7:00am is not exactly sleeping in but its still 1.5 hours past tomorrow's wake up call.

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