Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it

In an effort to change up our video rotation I picked up Madagascar 2 a couple days ago. We've pretty much watched it 4 times a day every day since.

Been a good week thus far. We had planned on taking the kids to the Biodome in Montreal on Monday. Luckily I checked the website on Sunday evening for the opening time and saw a notice that it was closed indefinitely due to a labour dispute. It must have happened within the last couple of weeks because I checked admission prices not that long ago.

Disappointing but we ended up going to Parc Safari instead which was great though Nate has now developed a life long fear of ostriches after a pecking incident!

It was a good day despite getting stuck in rush hour traffic in Montreal on the way home.

Yesterday we went for a hike in Gatineau Park. We chose Pink Lake because it was "wheelchair" accessible and therefore, stroller accessible. Well, perhaps the top observation point was accessible but that's it. We must have dragged the stroller up and down about 400 stairs. The 2.5k trail took us almost 2 hours to do! Oh well, it was neat and Nate seemed to enjoy it.

Today we went to the Museum of Science and Tech. Again Nate seemed to enjoy it but of course, still has a very limited attention span. He spent the longest time at the coin well thing where you start the coin out at the top and it slowly spins around and around and around finally making its way down the funnel. I finally had to tell him I was out of change.

Mags enjoyed the crooked kitchen immensely. She did the loop about 10 times.

Then the earthquake happened. The kids were at the table finishing lunch when we heard the rumble and then things started to shake. Jay made a move for Maggie but mostly we just sort of froze and waited. It lasted long enough for me to think when is it going to stop? is it going to get any worse? should we go under the door jam?

Fortunately, no damage here at all and more importantly no one was hurt. In the grand scheme of things it wasn't a huge quake. I bet if it happened in Cali they wouldn't bat an eye but I will admit it certainly rattled me.

I am going to unwind with a beer shortly!

Tomorrow we're going to take Maggie to daycare and Jay, Nate and I are going to go and see Toy Story 3. It will be Nate's first movie theatre experience.

And I think that's pretty much it for this week.

I'm also working on some more projects. Got a coat of primer on a couple pieces I'm painting. Got some new pillows sewn. Things are slowly coming together. Will post some before and afters again soon.


  1. What an amazing week you are having! I love it :) Sorry to hear about the was really large for your area, no? I think the biggest I've felt here is 5.4, but the "big one" is coming...I think what gets me the most rattled, is all of the aftershocks afterwards...if feels like it goes on forever!! Looking forward to hearing about Nate's first movie experience! Here's hoping it involves lots of popcorn...for him AND you! xo hugs

  2. Sounds like a fun week. Nothing quite like rush hour in Montreal. I can't remember how big the one we had here (2001?) was but I was so high up it was more sway than shake. Door jams aren't necessarily good as the door can sway and hit you. Buildings here are mostly well built so the biggest danger is things falling on you or windows shattering. Best to get under a sturdy table. We've anchored most of our tall bookcases and dressers to the wall. Yeah, I'm a little anal. Look forward to seeing you next week. I sent your Mom a Facebook message but I'm not sure she got it.