Tuesday, June 1, 2010

meanwhile I'm a joke that you'd probably enjoy

i'm working on a business case right now and its hard and after a long day at work its kind of the last thing i feel like doing so i'm procrastinating by blogging.

had an absolutely fabulous weekend in the GTA with Chantal and Colleen. Friday night Chantal and I hung out at her place and drank a lot of wine (well, a lot for me). I would have probably slept in but Jay claims that Nate called me on his password protected Blackberry at 8:30am. suspicious isn't it!

on Sat Chantal and I drove into TO to Colleen's and headed down to Queen West to do some shopping. First we went for sushi and they had a lunch special - 12.95 for all you could eat but you had to order everything before 3 (at this point it was about 2:45). So we ordered, it arrived and it looked like more than enough but they did last call and Chantal and Colleen thought we should get some more. I was like, I don't know guys, we have a lot.

well, about 30 min later we were gagging down sushi so we didn't have to pay for it. at least we all had a good laugh about it.

we shopped until about 8 and decided we should really probably think about dinner. we were kind of sweaty and gross from walking in the heat all day and we wanted to go somewhere nice so we got to thinking, we had all bought dresses so we did an impromptu change in the car on a side street and then hit up Shopper's Drug Mart for make-overs with the Benefit and Smashbox testers and we were good to go!

Who says I can't be spontaneous and just roll with it?

Dinner was good - got back to Whitby about 12:30 and pretty much went to bed. unfortunately, i woke up at 7:00am and did I mention Chantal is not a coffee drinker? that's right, a house without coffee. I made do with black tea but it was just not the same.

Was a great visit, lots of fun and made me realize that I really should do it more often.

Ok, back to my business case.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend away. Good for you. What's the business case for again?
    Started my new job today. Hurray. They are not even sure I will have a Blackberry! I'm sure it will bring it's own challenges but at least they won't be 24-7.