Sunday, June 6, 2010

would you come for my bangers, my beans and mash

Jay and I went to the movies tonight. Get Him to the Greek. Hilarious. I think I kinda love Russell Brand.

Good weekend, busy weekend. Didn't do anything overly exciting but I did get some cleaning done, and Maggie's bed posts painted and two coats of spray paint on my mirror and this other wall hanging thing.

I actually took before pics so I'll post them after so you can all see the glorious transformation of my yard sale finds that cost a total of $5.50 ($11 if you count the price of the spray paint).

Kids both had to leave daycare on Friday - they were sick and had fevers. Nate puked in the car. gross. fortunately i was at work and Jay was on parental duty. Weird though, they were both pretty much fine the next day which is a good thing.

Mom is down for a course tomorrow so she babysat while Jay and I went out for wings and then the movie. good end to a good weekend.

"God is greater than our heart"


  1. 成功等於目前,其他都是這句話的註解。........................................

  2. Looking forward to the photos - you are my inspiration :)

    Glad to hear a fab date night was squeezed into your weekend...Curt and I haven't given up yet on having one before this baby gets here...though not looking very good right now!!!!


  3. I kinda love Russell Brand too. He was a guest on Craig Ferguson like a while ago and he was hilarious. The celeb press seem to make fun of him a lot but I like him.