Thursday, May 27, 2010

and i think about that button and i'm tempted

long time no blog. too busy refurbishing a mid-century mod bench (gave up and painted it white), sewing new curtain panels (from my mom's seeminly endless supply of fabric that she never gets around to using) and getting the yard in shape.

weather has been fantastic, maybe too fantastic as we are having to water the grass in May. normally i wouldn't bother but we laid down a bunch of seed and want to make sure the new grass is well established before we let it brown up.

spent some of the May long weekend in Deacon enjoying the beach and helping out at our yardsale. I think I made $12 and I spent about $15 so that part was a bust but oh well! I now have a roast pan big enough to actually cook a turkey in, a new coffee table to refurbish (this time I swear I won't give up and paint it), a night stand for Nate's room (this one I will repaint) a new little stand for our entry way (again, will re-paint). Now, i just need to find some time to get all of this done - in addition to sewing the three additional curtain panels.

i keep thinking i should post before and after pics of all of my various acquisitions but i'm a bit lazy that way or i forget until the "after" part.

a very exciting job posting went up at work today. i am totally underqualified but i'm applying anyway - worst case scenario - i'm not considered and no harm done.

tomorrow I'm off to visit Chantal and Colleen in the "Big Smoke" actually, not even. I'm only going as far as Whitby but I am excited since it will only be the second time I've been away from the kids overnight and I will have two mornings to sleep in!


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  2. I hope you are enjoying your child-free weekend!! ps Is the comment above me from Jess?? Do you understand what it says?! xo