Friday, June 11, 2010

it was in a foreign hotel bathroom i baptized myself in change and one by one drown all of the people i had been

fever finally broke, no shakes or sweats for 12 hours now.

i'm a tad bored and missing my husband right now.

forgot again, that Friday Night Lights is on at 8 and not 9 (what would i do without On Demand or online video?).

my high-school boyfriend requested to be my friend on Facebook. I accepted. That's not bad is it? I did clear it with Jay first.

Off to Deacon tomorrow - Niall's baptism is on Sunday.

Bedtime it is then.


  1. Glad you're better. Where's Jay? I would be lost without TiVo. I don't know when anything is on anymore. Currently watching Montreal practice. I miss being there. Next year for sure.

  2. Yey that you are feeling better...and fun new skin for your blog :) ps LOVING the pic of you - your hair looks so cute! What product do you use in it to make it curl so nicely?

    If you cleared it with Jay, I don't think there's anything wrong, I did it?!?!