Thursday, June 10, 2010

i have a friend who's mostly made of pain

ok - here's the before and after's of my yard sale finds.

The mirror cost $5 and the decorative thingy cost $0.50. Can of glossy black spray paint $5.93.

Apparently i suck at adding photos to blogger because the before is after the afters. oh well, i'm sure you can figure it out.

in any event, i'm thrilled with the result - they make our bedroom a bit more "finished" though there are still a few little things I would like to do.

I also scored a brilliant yellow mid-century lamp for $25 that I just need to find a shade for. I have a couple other little painting projects and i've started sanding the "new" coffee table. I should probably take a before of all these things too.

ok, my tea is finished and i'm going to bed.


  1. Well done. It's amazing what a coat of paint will do. I'm amazed you find the time. It took me over a year to do my mirror project. Finally got it done when Al was in Kabul. Anyway, looks great. We picked up some drawings in France so we have to frame them now and rearrange the dining room wall stuff to accommodate.