Sunday, May 2, 2010

strange things are happening

good week - great to have Jay back home. settling back into routine. kids have been great.

went to a show on Friday night (lullabye arkestra) - unfortunately it didn't start until 11 and we didn't get home until 1:00am and having to get up in the am was a killer. good show though, except the middle band. musically skilled but the "singer" just kind of screamed random stuff about hornets, wolves and I can't remember what else into the mic. pretty sure this guy is an IT geek by day.

despite the lack of sleep yesterday was very productive - 5 loads of laundry (one very small downside to Jay being home!) done, hosta garden planted, bathrooms cleaned.

last night Lindsay and Shane came over and we played domino's while listening to the 'Nucks destroy the Hawks.

today we're getting a load of fill delivered to fix the grade under our back deck so we can finally get our stairs on etc.

so much to do and so little time - and money for that matter!