Monday, May 10, 2010

Hold my breath till the sky comes back

I actually tried to blog on the bus from my iPhone but it doesn't work...

This weekend I watched about 15 minutes of ET weekend edition. ET is not something I would normally watch. I much much prefer TMZ for celebrity gossip if I'm so inclined. TMZ is for the most part, tongue in cheek and slightly witty and self-deprecating of the whole celebrity culture.

My point? From watching ET this weekend I learned that all you need to do to get "famous" as a woman is a) eat yourself fat, (and we're talking morbidly obese here) in an effort to gain notoriety and a Guinness world record. Or, b) sleep with someone famous, sell your story and/or tweets, texts etc. and land in Vanity Fair.

I was actually more disturbed by the "Tiger's Mistress" spread in Vanity Fair which is for the most part a well written non-sensational magazine. I'm not dismissing Tiger's role (that would be a whole other blog entry), but to essentially glorify these women who are seemingly only after their 15 minutes at the expense of a marriage and a family is disgusting.

I can see future conversations going something like this:

Mother to Daughter - So, what do you think you'll do after college?
Daughter to Mother - Well, I thought I would start out as a cocktail waitress and eventually try to prostitute myself to some famous guy, sell the text messages and/or sex tape and land on the cover of US Weekly.
Mother to Daughter - that sounds nice dear but what about after that?
Daughter to Mother - well, hopefully that US Weekly cover will lead to a reality show on TLC which will lead to an appearance on Dancing with the "Stars"

I am truly afraid for the world.

Also, as I poured over one of the 3 home decor mags I picked up I realized that it really is house porn.

Lets think about the similarities between "house porn" and "porn, porn".

Both use artificial lighting to enhance features and hide flaws.
Both feature unrealistic situations and/or heightened reality i.e. do you think that house really looks like that 2 days after the photo shoot when the kids and dog are allowed back in the house.
Both use actors. Ok, decor mags don't really use actors but i've never met anyone who's "stared" in one of these spreads - I'm not convinced that real people actual live in these houses.

Well, I have to get Nate off to bed now so Jay can watch hockey in peace.

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