Monday, April 26, 2010

standing on the corner, suitcase in her hand

after a few flight delays and an airport nap (me, not Jay) Jay is home again!

its funny because I didn't know that the kids really noticed he was gone, i mean, of course they noticed but Nate didn't actively say oh, I miss Daddy or, where's Daddy. But Mags didn't stop giving him kisses and Nate walked up to him this am and said, Daddy, I'm happy you're back. So cute.

Jay got Nate a baseball glove, ball and Oriole's hat and Nate hasn't really put any of it down, last night he cuddled his ball and glove like a teddy bear.

So, I was concerned that we hadn't taken the snow tires off the vehicles yet but guess what? it is supposed to snow tomorrow. yes, April 27th - actual snow after a beautiful sunny high of 19 today and expected highs of 23 on the weekend.

oh well - it won't last. still, how depressing.


  1. Aww, too cute. Well it's like a November rain here today. Totally got soaked on the way home. Raining so hard I actually went to the gym instead of running. At least it won't last.Seven days of work....

  2. 如果你不思考未來,你便不會有未來..............................