Tuesday, February 2, 2010

there's no beginning to this story, a bookshelf sinks into the sand

so apparently the little rodents known as groundhogs have predicted 6 more weeks of winter. since spring technically doesn't start until March 20 this is pretty much bang on. amazing how they do that! seriously, maybe it doesn't apply much in other parts of the country but here in Ottawa it's pretty much winter until Easter and even then it's iffy.

Lost tonight - thank goodness for distraction.

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  1. I saw the earlier version and I understand your frustration. But they have to make the rules for the lowest common denominator. Feel free to share with me directly if you feel like venting.
    Pretty sore today. I suspect tomorrow may be bad too - always the second day. And then I hope better. My "laceration" was down to my shin bone but I forgot to ask how many stitches I got. Funny I think my arm is the most sore. I think I reached out for the car and/or used it to break my fall backwards. Timing of course sucks, work wise, but it's not like I planned it.
    I can't believe we still make a big deal about the whole ground hog thing.