Thursday, February 4, 2010

i found my will in your arms

busy day again, one of my colleagues is on vacation, the other is off for personal reasons (her sister is terminally ill) so there's just Jo and i. we're managing but thank goodness its Friday tomorrow.

its only 8:30 and i could totally go to bed right now.

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  1. We didn't call the police to the scene. I didn't really think about it, kind of in shock and I just wanted to get to the hospital. The man who hit me drove me to Emergency and hung around for an hour. Al talked to him. I contacted the police the next day and they said report it to ICBC (our insurance). I haven't fully investigated this part but it seems that I can only report it to ICBC if I want to make a claim and I don't really have anything to claim. I did email the City to complain about the crosswalk. I'm getting better every day. Walked to work Friday, still need to limp a bit but almost there. Get my stitches out next week.
    Hope things are going better for you.