Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm going to tell you something that I should have long ago

i've never been a techy. I'm not really into computers or gadgets or video-games or having the lastest and greatest whatever.

i never really cared that i had a generic Nokia instead of the Mottorola RZR when they were all the rage.

but, since i went back to work late last summer and noticed that everyone and they're dog seems to have a Blackberry i admit i've had some serious smartphone envy.

this was made worse earlier this week when Jay received his brand new Bold.

so, i upgraded too. i am now in posession of my new white 16GB 3Gs iPhone. it is pretty. i haven't turned it on yet because i have to wait for the dude to call me back and activate it but hopefully by the time i'm on the bus tonight i'll be surfing.

i heart my new phone.

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