Friday, February 12, 2010

sorry bout the phone call, and needing you some things you just can't fake

recently i was discussing with a colleague why i found the winter Olympics more exciting than the summer Olympics and I actually said something along the lines of there's a possibility of someone dying.

what i meant by that was that the sports are what i would consider more extreme. its not just about sport its about survival.

unfortunately today that possibility came true and someone did die.

they actually still have video of the accident on the CTV website. its rather disturbing, a) that they still have it up and b) the actual video itself, which i watched out of morbid fascination.

he's at the top alive and well and a minute and some seconds later he's flying into a steel beam and so very clearly immediately dead. the finality of it, the speed of it, its astonishing. and no, i don't recommend you watch it.

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  1. Weird, I just posted about the same thing. I was at work in the government communications coordination centre and CTV aired the video before they even knew he was dead. I did not watch (still a bit sensitive about violence to the body since the accident) but my colleagues did and I could tell by their faces that it was bad. We were all amazed that they showed it and then put it on the web. No one has any editorial control anymore. I get a day off tomorrow. Yeah.