Monday, February 15, 2010

oh, life could be a dream

currently watching Cars for about the 5 billionth time.

went to Deacon for the weekend. kids had fun but Mags did not want to sleep until finally i gave up and slept in her room and Nate fell out of bed and busted his lip.

came back early yesterday.

watched Alex Bilodeau win the gold last night, actually, I've seen all three medal worthy performances live. exciting for sure. especially to stick it to that smug Begg-Smith guy whom admittedly i didn't know existed until they did a piece on him painting him as the villain before-hand. guess it worked! he's not exactly hard to hate though.

its "family" day but Jay has to work. i think its the dumbest holiday. i should be thankful for a day with the kids but i have a feeling we'll just end up stir-crazy because Nate doesn't seem to want to do anything but watch Cars over and over and over again.

Maybe i'll get them out for a walk later.

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