Tuesday, January 12, 2010

who'll love me for the man i've become not the man that i was

i haven't felt much like blogging lately. haven't been very cheery, haven't had very much to say.

the kid's caregiver is finally back tomorrow. we're probably going to switch caregivers though - just have to give notice. found someone just around the corner - even closer and $10 per day cheaper and not from another country and i'm not saying that because i think that makes some kind of difference in the caregiver but i've now used 2 different caregivers from different countries overseas and both have left for extended periods of time. that is my problem.

oh, and the new one will allow us to drop the kids off at 7:00am so no more late for work!

good news - Jay got the new position he's wanted for a while. so more work satisfaction for him plus no shift work though there will almost for sure be a deployment this fall. that i can deal with.

i've also finally decided on a resolution of sorts. i am going to work harder at maintaining my friendships this year. make more time for friends. yes, the kids are important but they've become an excuse for me to be an anti-social hermit.

7:30 and i'm beat already...

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  1. 7:55 and I'm beat! I'll be joining you in dreamland very soon!

    So glad to hear about both the caregiver situation (hello $10 cheaper?? That's a latte AND a scone! Okay, okay...a magazine ;) heh heh) and Jay's job sit...although boo for deployment!

    We are planning a trip for late April/early May...hopefully I can steal lots of that friend-time you are setting aside.

    xo Thinking of you always xo