Wednesday, January 13, 2010

does your mother tell you things? long, long, when I'm gone

kind of a bummer day.

gave notice to our current caregiver. as much as i want to save money etc. it was REALLY hard. she's a great caregiver and the kids love her. i hate giving people bad news. well, people i like anyway.

so, back before Christmas our department laid off 9 people. today, one of those people came to visit as in, not just the lobby downstairs but came to visit in our actual office. i found it extremely odd. i mean its one thing if you move away somewhere and come back to town and want to see some people but i just found it in absolute poor taste and i would not have wanted to be the person who let her in...

a number of us had some stunned looks when we saw her. that being said she found a new job and that is great for her. i certainly don't wish her any ill will.

crazy stuff in Haiti right now. we truly do live in a cozy little bubble don't we.

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