Friday, January 15, 2010

don't stand too close to me, don't be another tragedy, I've burned everybody that had a hand to lend

believe it or not, the song the title comes from is quite jaunty.

crap day. seem to have a lot of those lately. this whole daycare thing has stressed me out beyond belief.

i gave our notice to our current caregiver and they graciously offered to give us the $10 a day discount and even offered to adjust the drop off times to better accomodate my work schedule. so i thought our problem was solved. my only worry was how to break it to the new caregiver.

but then, when i picked up the kids last night i mentioned something about Nate going to school in Sept and learned that there isn't a bus route close to them so she can't accomodate Nate in the fall. so, that plan fell apart again beause as much as i think it hurts the kids to switch caregivers. to me its even worse to split the kids up. the logisitics alone of dropping and picking the kids up at two different spots.

anyway, i'm back to the plan of switching and i'm supposed to drop off the deposit tonight to the new person.

ugh, i just can't get rid of this guilt that i am somehow wrecking my babies by failing to provide them with stability. i'm sure i'm overreacting...

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  1. If it makes you feel better, my friend is debating whether he should fight for full custody and stay in BC or move to Ontario where his ex wants to go. Course she'll move again in two years.
    Stability is good but if the old caregiver just doesn't work then you gotta do what you gotta do.
    I think we got an extra guilt gene. Seriously, I'm already feeling guilty about maybe, potentially leaving my job, when I don't actually have a concrete prospect and I'm in fact pretty miserable in it.