Thursday, January 7, 2010

and like a bird in a cage, i broke in and demanded that somebody free it

Been busy this week. i worked on Monday then was off Tues - (well, today actually) taking care of the kids and I go back to work tomorrow.

Yesterday we went to Tara's for a visit and to get out of the house for a change of scenery. It has been cloudy and snowing (off and on) for the past week and it is downright depressing. Sunshine please. From the weather forecast i may finally get my wish but of course it's chilly.

Our caregiver should be back next week and I'm anxious to get back to normal. We're actually thinking of switching though. Aside from possible future trips to Iran. She is not very flexible time wise (I'm late for work every day and have to make it up at lunch). She is also expensive.

Yesterday I also did groceries. Living in Ottawa we don't exactly get many "celebrity" sightings but in the Superstore I saw two of our local tv news personalities. It was like A-Channel shopping day. I can also vouch for the camera adds 10 pounds thing because if its possible, Angie Porier is even tinier in real life.

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  1. Sunshine, what's that? Ha. Sample Vancouver forecast - Rain, Light Rain, Light Rain, Rain, Heavy Rain. My Ottawa colleague who is coming out for the Games asked me today if we had snow. I said it was unlikely she would see snow on her visit, unless she was going to the mountain events. Speaking of mountains - off to Whistler tomorrow. It is so warm it may even be raining there. Let's hope there is enough snow left in February.