Sunday, December 6, 2009

joy to the world

busy but fun weekend.

i took Friday off and did groceries in the morning and then accompanied Jay while he got inked (check out his facebook pics). Saturday morning we cleaned and I baked and then we had company from about 2:30 until 8:30. a few friends and two of Jay's brothers.

it was a nice though rather tame evening.

today we went to church in the morning and then Jay's mom and step-dad were supposed to come for dinner for our pre-Christmas Christmas. only Fran came because James hurt is back or something which was too bad.

Nate got a remote-control front-end loader from his uncle Josh (and Aunt Lauren) and a new train set from Grandma-ma (i have no idea how you spell it in French though i know that is absolutely wrong!) and Grandpa James.

Yesterday was all about the front loader - today was all about the train.

Kid is starting to think that anytime someone comes to visit he gets a present!

this week at work we have the building's management's breakfast and our department luncheon and then next Saturday is the BLG Christmas party. tis the season!

oh, and Pen, i believe my answer went something like this "uh, yeah its all good" or something equally r-tarded as my face turned the colour of a beet.

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  1. Sounds like a great week-end! I saw Jay's pics - cool tattoos! I was wondering if you took the plunge and got one too, but I'm assuming if it's not in the blog, the answer is no!

    Where's the party this year? Looking forward to the obligatory pic of you and Jay all dolled up!

    Wishing I was getting to spend even part of "the season" with ya.