Thursday, December 3, 2009

from now on all troubles will be out of sight

i'm so tired of hearing about tiger woods...surely there is something newsworthy happening somewhere in the world. i am far from above reading celebrity gossip but i do it on an actual gossip site. not cnn.

besides, its not him but his poor humiliated wife who is suffering.

so there's a dude at work - a professional who creeps out all the women. he's a boob looker and a close talker - like major personal space issues. anyway - in addition to coming over and asking me a totally unnecessary question, he asked me how he looked.

by itself, by any other person, it would have been an innocent question but coming from him - it felt downright dirty. ick. gross.

first i get hit on by a woman, now a creepy dude at work is asking me about his outfit.

what is wrong with me???

1 comment:

  1. What did you say?! Nothing wrong with you darling, it's the rest of them. I agree about Tiger Woods. Qui cares? He plays golf for a living people. Anyhoosers, tomorrow is Friday. Let's hope no fading celebrity ruins this weekend. ;) (that was for Jay)