Tuesday, December 1, 2009

and please, do not let me go

work was beyond weird today. it was like someone died. it was so quiet.

there was a meeting in which management did their necessary evil speech which i actually buy because you can tell from the stats we are not as strong as past years and they genuinely seemed very upset at having to do it.

our department is not small but because it is very team oriented it is very family like and a couple of the associates had been with the firm for quite a while.

we ended up cancelling our lunch because no one was really in the mood to celebrate though we are going to reschedule.

there is nothing on tv on Tuesday nights - guess i'll go read.

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  1. Sucks to be going through that. Even if you are not directly impacted it affects you. And I have no doubt management is genuinely upset. I've just had to talk to people who didn't pass an exam in my staffing process. That was hard enough - I can't imagine having to tell someone they no longer have a job.