Thursday, December 10, 2009

all my friends are murder

well, we have snow. lots of it. i'm glad and annoyed at the same time. funny how that works.

i took tomorrow off again to finish up Christmas shopping etc. got the firm party on Saturday night. looking forward to it. got some spanx for under my dress. looking forward to spending a night away from the kids with Jay.

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  1. We may actually get snow as well. Walking around today it smelled like it was going to snow, had that feel in the air. Had may annual health assessment, including fitness test, today. Thought I would do worse than last year as I haven't been running as much. But I did a bit better than last year. Maybe the practicing at the gym to get over my treadmill phobia helped.
    In what twisted world do you need Spanx?! It's a mad, mad world I say.
    Have a great time on your night out. You guys deserve some couple time.