Friday, December 11, 2009

santa bring my baby back to me

listening to Christmas music on tv. Elvis is fun.

busy day again. more Christmas shopping done. only my Mother and Grandma to buy for now and i know what i'm getting them so its easy - just gotta wait until the bank account is replenished :)

oh and Jay - but i know what i'm getting him too.

getting excited about the work party tomorrow night and spending the night away from the kids. hopefully i won't worry too much. i think i'll be fine - once i have a glass (or 4) of wine i'm sure i'll forget all about them!

anybody care to place a bet on what time we end up sleeping in to on Sunday? i have this feeling that despite the lack of crying or banging/dropping of toys my internal clock won't let me sleep much past 7:30. we shall see.

i gave up on the spanx. i was going to wear them because my dress is a bit clingy and things are not as taut as they used to be but they weren't super comfortable and you could see the seam down the middle. they did however work in terms of sucking stuff in. actually they sucked my butt in a little too much! so back to the store they went.

i'm also getting my make-up done at MAC tomorrow which will be money better spent - at least you can see it. i'm going to ask for sexy and dramatic but not so dramatic as to draw comparisons to Lady Gaga.

ok - time to see what might possibly be on tv on a Friday night.

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