Saturday, November 7, 2009

i'm worth a million in prizes

a good if not incredibly ordinary day. up early did the groceries first thing. did some tidying. made Nate some play dough.

Jay almost finished cutting the baseboards for the basement which looks awesome. who knew what a fresh coat of non-yellow paint and some baseboards could do. if only we could do the ceiling...eventually...

after Jay went to work i managed to get Mags down too and had an hour and a bit to myself. i put the first coat of stain on the IKEA microwave cart which i intend to transform into a chic bar cart. why i'm not sure since we don't really drink but hey, it will look good.

currently watching some football - getting ready to crack open my book which i had a hard time putting down last night and therefore didn't get to bed until after 10:30 which may not sound bad especially on a Friday night but when Mags generally wakes up at 5:00ish it doesn't leave much sleep time.

also enjoying a glass of my $7.45 Shiraz from Argentina that is actually really good. Thanks for the Fuzion recommendation Jo!


  1. Look forward to seeing the basement and the bar cart. You can make me a drink. :) Three Day Road is on my reading list so let me know how it is. Yeah, Hamilton for saving our ass and getting us into the playoffs. You guys will no doubt kill us next week. Had a busy week as it was Exercise GOLD, the final preparation exercise for the Olympics. We actually stood up our public affairs centre out in Burnaby so I went there every day. The Ex ran 12 hours each day so it was a long week. Even though our office was attached to Metrotown, the biggest mall in the world, I didn't get to shop. Then football Friday and last night we went to a gala/action thing for the charity Al volunteers with. So glad we have a day off this week. Well Faith is on so better go.

  2. sounds like a great day! What color is the basement now?? I love the idea of the bar cart/could become snack cart or something too!!! I hear the weather was nice this weekend - yey!