Thursday, November 5, 2009

and i think that i could dance if i tried with your radio on

enjoying some quiet. Jay is at the Sens game for CF appreciation night and the kids are in bed.

i've been struggling with the blog a bit lately. using my pen and paper journal more often. just seems a little more appropriate of late.

work is ok, struggling with the motivation a little. i just sort of feel like everything is in limbo. i'm unfocused and scattered and distracted. ok, so the halloween candy sugar high has not been helping matters.

Jay is working this weekend. i may try and hook up with my friend Tara from playgroup. we haven't seen each other since August and it would be nice to get the kids together again.

I booked our hotel room and my make up session for the BLG Christmas Party today. Jay and I have decided to make a real night of it and enjoy ourselves sans kids because we so rarely get to spend quality time together that just involves the two of us.

We're staying at Hotel Indigo. Its just a chain but done in a boutique style.

I'm having my make-up done at MAC again. I'm thinking of doing a smoky eye in blue (deep, like navy with silver highlight maybe?) i have to find my fake eyelashes...

I just noticed that I'm actually using capitals. Must be the work influence. Don't expect my grammar or punctuation to improve much. Most of our letters are auto-generated so I don't have to think about it :)

ok - well i think i may go and read. i bought Joseph Boyden's Three Day Road today.

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  1. Yey for Christmas Party date night - have fun - can't wait to see the pics of the smoky eyes ;) xoxo