Wednesday, November 11, 2009

but i'm too weak to be your cure

been incredibly tired the past couple nights and have been hitting the hay early - thus no blogging time. i know all three (sometimes 4) of you anxiously await my posts ;)

went down to the War Memorial for the Remembrance Day ceremonies. super packed - a nice sunny day always brings out the crowds plus we had Charles and Camilla. i'm always floored by how silent such a large crowd can be. as always, i started tearing up during the Last Post, almost lost it during the bag pipes and then finally gave up during the fly-by, that missing plane always gets me.

i think i was a little extra emotional having just read Three Day Road which is in large part about WW I. (btw Pen, terrific book - could not put it down. looking forward to Through Black Spruce).

and now i'm back at work and it's like any other day.

life goes on as they say.

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  1. Sometimes the time difference thing is weird. I'm just getting ready to head to the cenotaph for our ceremony here, and you're already back at work. We are lucky in that we don't have to go to work after.
    I think Al liked Through Black Spruce even better.